Accreditation of mass media

1. Accreditation of representatives of mass media    for exhibitions , conferences, congresses, forums and other events , organized by  Kyiv International Contract Fair, Ltd. (Organizer), is processed on the basis of the Constitution of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine "On information", "On order of highlighting activity of state authority bodies and local government bodies in Ukraine by mass media ", "On printed mass media  (press) in Ukraine", "On television and radio broadcasting", "On information agencies", "On state support of mass media  and social protection of journalists" and the present Regulations for the purposes of normalization of the work of mass media representatives at all events.

2. Accreditation of mass media representatives is obligatory for working at all events organized by Kyiv International Contract Fair, Ltd. Accreditation is valid for every event separately (exhibition, congress, forum, etc.) for the period of its duration .

3. Right for accreditation is provided to journalists, press photographers, TV operators of Ukrainian mass media registered in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine "On mass media", "On information agencies", as well as international journalists, accredited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

4. Persons that are not representatives of mass media, as well as representatives of advertising editions, catalogs or Internet portals of commercial topic, do not have the right for accreditation as mass media.

5. The organizing committee of any event reserves the right to limit the number of accredited journalists, refuse a mass media representative in accreditation in case such representative provides personal data that are not true, or having not undergone the accreditation procedure within the set period of time, or having breached the regulations for working at an event.

6. Mass media representatives willing to participate in event coverage shall submit an application for accreditation (hereinafter referred to as the Application) via the official website of the company The Application shall contain all fields of accreditation form filled out. Application not meeting the requirements of the present paragraph shall not be considered.

Accreditation shall start two weeks before the event and stop in two days before the event beginning, unless special accreditation regulations are set.

7. Registration of accredited journalists and provision of badges shall be conducted at the Press Center stand in the hall of the International Exhibition Centre in case proof of accreditation is registered in the events database of PR department of Kyiv International Contract Fair, Ltd. and demonstration of editorial ID or task.

8. Accreditation quota:

8.1. Number of representatives of the same editorial shall be considered taking into account the real possibilities of their placement in premises the event is hold in; i.e. quota for journalists accredited on the basis of an application from one editorial might be introduced.

8.2. When quota is set, principles of openness and justice shall be followed.

8.3. Quoting shall be realized on the basis of the following criteria of mass media division:

  • according to specialization (stated thematic section);
  • according to form of periodical distribution of mass information — periodical printed media, information agencies, radio, TV and video programs, other mass media;
  • according to circulation;
  • according to territory of circulation (broadcasting) — international, national, interregional, regional, district and city.

9. Accredited mass media representative shall have the right to:

  • be present at business and exhibition events;
  • obtain information about the events program;
  • conduct video and photo shooting at the territory the event is held;
  • use all services intended for journalists work;
  • on availability of press center, work there during the event and use its infrastructure;
  • participate in press conferences, briefings and other press events.

10. An accredited journalist shall:

  • wear the special PRESS badge during one’s work at the event;
  • provide the editorial ID or any other proof of identity and journalistic activity upon request when fulfilling professional activities;
  • not to interfere with the event, unless it has been organized specially for the press;
  • ensure information veracity;
  • adhere to rules set forth for the event, not to conduct video or photo shooting upon request of event security representatives;
  • when using official information, citing sayings of event participants, ready materials shall contain the name of the event and the source of the information obtained;
  • place information about the event and transfer two copies of each publication to the Organizer.

11. Presence of accreditation does not imply access to events requiring special invitations.

12. Special accreditation shall be required in a number of cases. Announcement about such cases will be published at the official website of the company in the Press Center section.

13. PR service shall reserve the right to refuse accreditation for:

  • representatives of mass media having applied for accreditation after the proper period of time;
  • representatives of mass media exceeding accreditation quota;
  • representatives of mass media having provided documents for accreditation that contain information, which is not true.

14. Materials shot at an event shall not be used for commercial purposes unless this has been approved by the organizing company.

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